The Pūkeko Centre

Two seemingly ordinary, local sports clubs in east Christchurch are doing something truly extraordinary for their community.

In late 2016I was approached by the Project Committee for what was then the ‘Parklands Community Sports and Recreation Hub’.The project is a joint venture between the Parklands Bowling Club and Parklands Junior Rugby Club and involves the development of a 4.3 million dollar sports and recreation centre for the whole community - a visionary,grass-rootsresponse to a very real, post-earthquake,community need.

The challenge

For this ambitious project to succeed the Committeeneeded support and buy-in from the wider east Christchurch community.

They also needed to communicate their vision in a consistent and professional way to instil confidence and garner support from funding organisations and corporate sponsors.

The approach

Create a brand platform that resonates with and unites the whole community.

Develop a strategic communications and engagement plan that will deliver consistent key messages to a range of audiences.

Tell their story withsuite of audience-appropriate communications collateral that make the community and potential funders sit up, take notice… and get involved.


The outcome

Twelve months on the Committee are preparing to open Stage One of the Pūkeko Centre.

In twelve months they have successfully raised over 1.1 million dollars towards the development.

Through their pro-active and on-going public engagement programme they have gained wide community support from clubs and groups and local businesses.

Brand story that encapsulates the vision for the complex and a brand platform that they can build on as the development progresses.

Creative partners:

Graphic Design – Katie McKee Design
Video Production – Belmont Productions